Westerly Falls


  • Location: Westerly, WV (Fayette County)
  • Elevation: 1,198 feet
  • Coordinates: 37.993045, -81.325333 / (37° 59′ 34.962″ N, -81° 19′ 31.1988″ W)
  • Waterway: Paint Creek
  • Height: 5 to 7 feet

Westerly Falls (also referred to as Paint Creek Falls) is a short-dropped waterfall spanning Paint Creek in Fayette County. It’s one of my favorite waterfalls, and one of my most frequented spots. The great thing about this waterfall is that I have been here during serious drought conditions, and there was still wonderful flow. During the winter, or after a good rain, the waterfall will span the entire creek, which is a beauty to behold! When water levels are down a little, you can explore, and get shots of the waterfall from unique perspectives, such as above the falls in the creek bed! Don’t let the small size of this waterfall lead you to think it isn’t really nice – it is one of my favorites!

To access Westerly Falls, take exit 66 off of the WV Turnpike (Mahan). Once off the exit, turn right onto Route 15 (Milburn Road) and drive 4.4 miles to the spot. Contrastly, you can also take the Route 612 Mossy exit, turn left and drive 3.6 miles to the spot. That would be the approach from the other side of Milburn Road. Once you get really close to the spot, you should be able to hear the waterfall, and there’s a pull-off fit for a couple of vehicles there. I’ve been there several times and have never seen anyone else there. Once you find the pull-off, take a short but steep scramble down to creek level. You will not be disappointed!

Westerly Falls Location

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