Little Whitestick Creek Falls

  • Location: Near Beckley, WV (Raleigh County)
  • Elevation: 2,190 feet
  • Coordinates: 37.791253, -81.168755 / (37°47’28.5″ N, -81°10’07.5″ W)
  • Waterway: Little Whitestick Creek
  • Height: Around 25 feet

Within the Piney Creek Preserve is a beautiful waterfall along Little Whitestick Creek on the northeastern side of Beckley that is sure to bring you some peace. The Piney Creek Preserve is a 613 acre preserve that will eventually offer 20 miles of hiking trails and within the preserve are a few neat waterfalls.

Little Whitestick Creek Falls is located within the Piney Creek Preserve. To access it, head to Stanaford Road in Beckley. When heading north off of US-19 (North Eisenhower Drive), just before the Beckley ARH Hospital, you’ll see a turnoff to the right. The road is graveled but is driveable. This is Stanaford Mine Road. Drive down Stanford Mine Road about a half mile and you’ll see a big parking lot that you can park your vehicle. You’ll see the signs marking the new trails located within the Piney Creek Preserve. You will walk a few hundred yards down the initial trail before the trail splits. If you head straight, there’s another nice cascade of falls that awaits you, which is along Cranberry Creek. However, you will turn left on the trail split and after about 100 yards, you’ll be able to see and hear Little Whitestick Creek Falls clear as day.

Little Whitestick Creek Falls Location

The pictures in this article were on a low-water day in the middle of summertime and you can see there was still plenty of flow to them.

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