Pendleton Run


  • Location: Near Davis, WV (Tucker County)
  • Waterway: Pendleton Creek

Pendleton Run is full of fantastic waterfalls – there are about six from what I have read online that dot Pendleton Creek from Pendleton Lake on top of the mountain down to where the creek empties into the Blackwater River. Unfortunately, I went up on a hot day and overdid it just a bit having checked out and hiked in several other locations during the day, so I only made it to the first four waterfalls on the creek. However, I do plan on being back soon to finish this wonderful stream.

To get to this great spot, head off of Route 32 right before the town of Davis heading east, and turn right onto Blackwater Falls Road. Head out Blackwater Falls Road, staying to the right at the intersections for two miles. You will see signs that point to Pendleton Lake. I went ahead and parked at the lake, and then walked back down a few hundred feet down the road that you just drove. You’ll see a trail named ‘Dobbin House Woodcock Trail’. Hit that trail and you’ll be on your way!

One note I’d like to mention – this trail has a lot of growth and it’s easy to get lost despite being close to the creek due to the steep nature of this trail. Bring plenty of water, as it’s a steep travel down and then back up!

Name of WaterfallCoordinatesDescription
Pendleton Run #139.114645, -79.501297A flowing cascade spanning the creek
Pendleton Run #239.114358, -79.501488A series of drops totaling about fifteen feet
Pendleton Run #339.114283, -79.501663A small waterway on the left side of the creek a few feet high
Pendleton Run #439.113770, -79.501808A monstrous twenty-five footer – and a good place to rest up!

Don’t forget that there’s a lot to enjoy at this spot, including serene Pendleton Lake. This would be a great spot to cat nap, or to stroll on the lake in a paddleboat that you can rent at the lake! This is certainly one of my favorite locations in the Mountain State, and I know you will enjoy it, too!

Pendleton Lake in Tucker County

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