Shupe’s Chute


  • Location: Near Hacker Valley, WV (Webster County)
  • Elevation: 1,840 feet
  • Coordinates: 38.634462, -80.322128 / (38°38’04.1″N 80°19’19.7″W)
  • Waterway: Fall Run
  • Height: Around a 15 feet slide

Shupe’s Chute might be one of the most unusual falls in the state – I say that in the most complimentary sense. It is one of several waterfalls in Holly River State Park and is located where Fall Run empties into the Left Fork of the Holly River. I’ve seen people slide down Shupe’s Chute to a swimming hole that is located at the confluence of Fall Run and the Left Fork of the Holly River. Just be careful doing that, as there are some rock overhands as you slide down.

The chute itself is a fast-flowing pathway that the water flow has cut between rocks. The chute is named after one of Holly River State Park’s superintendents, Walter Shupe, who was superintendent from 1966 to 1984 according to the West Virginia Encyclopedia.

Shupe’ Chute is located within Holly River State Park. I took Route 3 right at the entrance of Holly River State Park on the Hacker Valley side, and drove about 4.2 miles out Route 3. Keep in mind, this road does turn to gravel, although I drove in a low-clearance sedan and didn’t have any issues. Then, you’ll see a gravel road on the right side of the road that drops down that has signs for Shupe’s Chute and the Upper Falls, among other things. Take that gravel road for a couple hundred feet, and parking will be there. Park there, and head out on the trail! Upper Falls will be on the left side, along with the steep ascent to Potato Knob, while Shupe’s Chute and several other waterfalls will be on the right side.

Shupe’s Chute Location

I have to say, although this entire park has some gorgeous waterfalls, playing with some of the angles and perspectives on shooting this chute is some of the most fun I’ve had out waterfalling.

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