Upper Turkey Creek Falls

  • Location: Near Ansted, WV (Fayette County)
  • Elevation: 1,219 feet
  • Coordinates: 38.125422, -81.128853 / (38°07’31.5″N 81°07’43.9″W)
  • Waterway: Turkey Creek
  • Height: Around 8 feet

There are a few really nice waterfalls on Turkey Creek between US-60 and the New River, but be warned – this is a slippery creek with a steep bank to head into, so be very careful!

Upper Turkey Creek Falls is located right off of the Cliffside Trail at Hawks Nest State Park. You’ll be able to see it from the trail, especially when the leaves are down, but you’ll have to scramble down into the creek. Carefully make your way down there by using a rope or using all four limbs like I did. Once down into the creek, the rocks are particularly sleep, so once again, be very careful! The waterfalls on Turkey Creek are worth it, and this one is certainly not an exception!

Upper Turkey Creek Falls provides about an 8 foot drop over staircase rocks that makes it quite photogenic. In fact, all of the waterfalls featured on this website on Turkey Creek are very beautiful. I plan on doing a little more investigating to see if there are more other than the three waterfalls provided on this website.

To get to Upper Turkey Creek Falls, drive about 2.2 miles southeast from the US-60/WV-16 intersection at Chimney Corner in Fayette County. Heading southeast on US-60, there will be a pull-off to the right side of the road for one of the most iconic views in West Virginia – a view at Hawks Nest. Park here, and to the right of that viewing area will be the Cliffside Trail. Take that trail, which will meet up with Turkey Creek after about a 1/4 mile. You’ll be able to hear the upper falls shortly thereafter. Keep in mind, the Cliffside Trail is a bit narrow at times! It’s one of my favorite trails in the state!

Upper Turkey Creek Falls Location

Take some time to enjoy the Cliffside Trail, and enjoy the views at Hawks Nest, too, if you have the time!

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