Beckwith Waterfall #1


  • Location: Near Beckwith, WV (Fayette County)
  • Elevation: 1,063 feet
  • Coordinates: 38.106353, -81.149186 / (38°06’22.9″N 81°08’57.1″W)
  • Waterway: Laurel Creek
  • Height: Around 8 feet

This is one of the most serene waterfall relaxation spots in the state, but you’ll have to work for it! This waterfall is unnamed along Laurel Creek near Beckwith in Fayette County, but it certainly deserves one! There are two components to this waterfall when the flow on Laurel Creek is decent, as the water splits into two locations! There are also a couple of rocks in the creek bed that you can relax and enjoy the waterfall – I’ve taken it easy here many times! The drop down the road embankment is steep, so take it slow and carefully. I usually angle down the embankment.

You can spend an entire afternoon having fun on Laurel Creek – I have before and there are a lot of really nice falls in here. This one is usually the waterfall I do the most resting at because of the ‘natural’ seating that’s available with the rocks.

Beckwith Waterfall #1 is located along Laurel Creek by WV-16 in Fayette County. To locate it, drive approximately 3.4 miles south on WV-16 from the WV-16/US-60 intersection at Chimney Corner. There is not a lot of parking opportunities in this area, but there is one spot near it on the right side of the roadway heading south that will fit a couple of cars, which is typically where I park. There are several other waterfall capturing opportunities in this area!

Beckwith Waterfall #1 Location

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