Upper Marr Branch Falls


  • Location: Near Fayetteville, WV (Fayette County)
  • Elevation: 1,505 feet
  • Coordinates: 38.074597, -81.093042 / (38° 4′ 28.5492” N, 81° 5′ 34.9512” W)
  • Waterway: Marr Branch
  • Height: Around 20 feet

Although this waterfall is called Upper Marr Branch Falls, and is smaller than Marr Branch Falls, it is certainly no slouch, as this waterfall comes in at around 20 feet and is nice and wide! It reminds me of a miniature Blackwater Falls in appearance, and is quite picturesque!

To access Upper Marr Branch, head off of US-19 at the first exit past the New River Gorge heading north. It is the same exit as the Canyon Rim Visitor Center, and is road 85/9. Follow this road past the visitor center. You should start heading downhill shortly. This road turns into Fayette Station Road, which is a one-way in most portions of the roadway. You will drive on this road for about 4 miles, and during this, you will cross under the gorge bridge, cross a set of railroad tracks, and even cross under the gorge on an old bridge. You will keep driving once across the river. Eventually, after a couple miles from crossing the bridge, you will see Marr Branch appear on your right. It’s not hard to see. If you get back to the two-way road and to Monkey’s Uncle Bar and Grill, you’ve gone a smidge too far. I actually parked in this area, but there are other falls farther downstream you may want to explore. I do plan on being back here for a more thorough exploration soon.

Upper Marr Branch Falls Location

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