Meadow Fork

There are no huge falls on Meadow Fork in Fayette County, but there are some short but nice drops that are quite picturesque. I went on a fall day that had experienced a pretty dry period, and some of these falls were still quite nice. I plan to make another run under wetter conditions in the future.

Meadow Fork #137.944922, -81.092353Around a 2 feet drop, small cascade
Meadow Fork #237.945045, -81.092422Around a 4 feet drop, nice angles
Meadow Fork #337.945412, -81.092736A rolling cascade
Meadow Fork #437.945812, -81.093164About a 3 foot drop, but a nice drop & chute
Meadow Fork #537.945847, -81.093186Staircase drop down a few feet of the creek
Meadow Fork #637.947487, -81.094795Around a foot tall drop along a boulder

To see the charming falls of Meadow Fork, take the West Virginia Turnpike to Exit 60 (Mossy). Off the exit, turn left onto Route 612 for about 7.7 miles to Scarbro Road, and turn right onto Scarbro Road for 2.2 miles. Continue onto Glen Jean Lane and then left onto McKell Avenue before turning left onto Thurmond Road for 4.8 miles. At this spot, Thurmond Road will cross Meadow Fork via a small bridge. There is parking for a couple of cars available here. Meadow Fork will take a gentle slope uphill to your left. It’s an easy trail to walk, but there are some steep scrambles down into the creek. There is old litter down in some places, so watch for glass!

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