Valley Falls


  • Location: Valley Falls State Park (Taylor/Marion County border)
  • Elevation: 946 feet
  • Coordinates: 39.387070, -80.087739 / (39°23’13.5″N 80°05’15.9″W)
  • Waterway: Tygart Valley River
  • Height: Around 10 feet spans entire river

Valley Falls is fantastic waterfall spanning the 135 mile Tygart Valley River on the Taylor/Marion County border in northern West Virginia. The waterfall is the key feature of Valley Falls State Park, which includes a couple of nice trails.

You could spend hours photographing different angles and perspectives of Valley Falls, as there are so many different spots to capture shots. It’s a fun waterfall, and there’s plenty of water flowing even during a dry season, so it’s easy to shoot any time of the year, plus it is easy to reach, as it’s just a short walk in the park from the parking area.

The state park used to be home to a grist mill and lumber community, and there are four total waterfalls in the park. I plan to capture the other three very soon.

To access Valley Falls, take Exit 137 off of I-79 toward WV 310 S/E Grafton Road. You’ll drive this road for 7.7 miles and turn right onto Valley Falls Road for 3/4 of a mile. You’ll come across at a junction at the end of Rock Lake. Stay left at the junction and remain on Valley Falls Road for two more miles until you reach the parking area.

Valley Falls Location

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