Queen Shoals Run

  • Location: Queen Shoals, WV (Kanawha County)
  • Elevation: 636 feet
  • Coordinates: 38.471938, -81.285287 / (38° 28′ 18.9768″ N, 81° 17′ 7.0332″ W)
  • Waterway: Mountain runoff off Mullins Mountain
  • Height: 15 foot run

Queen Shoals Run is a cascade that falls under Route 4 just before its intersection with Queen Road heading northbound in extreme northeastern Kanawha County. With the waterfall essentially being slightly more impressive than water runoff, it is highly dependent on recent rainfall for it to be lively. There have been many times that I have witnessed the run dry, but when heavy rain occurs, it does come to live quite nicely. The waterway’s source is runoff from Mullins Mountain above in Queen Shoals, which empties into the Elk River under Route 4.

The waterfall’s cascade is approximately 15 feet, and the nice thing about the waterfall’s layout is that with care, you can climb up it! There’s a couple of shots here where you can see where I was a few feet up the falls to try to get some angles. I dubbed this spot ‘Queen Shoals Run’ because it is not a part of a creek or stream – it’s runoff from Mullins Mountain, so it is unnamed.

To get to Queen Shoals Run, head off I-79 at Exit 19 (Clendenin) in northeastern Kanawha County. You’ll turn south onto US-119 off the exit and drive that road for 2.5 miles. This road will take you to Clendenin, where you will turn left onto Route 4. You’ll drive east on Route 4 for 4.1 miles. I parked just past the Queen Shoals Bridge (where Queen Road intersects Route 4) so that I didn’t have to worry about my car being in any precarious spot. Be careful walking on Route 4 – you’ll walk about 3 or 4 minutes west on Route 4 to the spot, which will be on the right heading west. If you walk past Mullins Mountain Road, you’ve walked too far. Keep in mind that this runoff is dry a good chunk of the year but does flow vibrantly during periods of rain.

Queen Shoals Run Location

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