Lower Falls Run


  • Location: Near Davis, WV (Tucker County)
  • Elevation: 3,029 feet
  • Coordinates: 39.112189, -79.480950 / (39°08’54.2″N 79°38’24.9″W)
  • Waterway: Falls Run
  • Height: Around 20 feet

Lower Falls Run is a cascading waterfall located on Falls Run as it prepares to empty into the Blackwater River below. In fact, when the leaves are down, you can easily view the Blackwater River and hear nearby Blackwater Falls with little issue. Unfortunately, I trekked to this waterfall on a low-flow day, and Falls Run is sensitive to dry weather. I hope to be back with better photos of this waterfall very soon!

To access Blackwater Falls, head to the town of Davis, WV in Tucker County. Once you make it to the town, turn onto Route 29 (Blackwater Falls Road) for 1.2 miles. Then turn left toward Blackwater Lodge Road. After a half mile, there will be a small pull-off for a view of Blackwater Falls from above (where the Gentle Trail is). Hike just down from this trail and you’ll hear Falls Run. Be careful, as it is very steep in this area. There are signs warning of the steep terrain. I took it very slow, and even with it dry out – it certainly was not an easy hike!

Lower Falls Run Location

If you look closely, you can see the Blackwater River below!

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