Little Beaver Spillway


  • Location: Crow, WV (Little Beaver State Park)
  • Elevation: 2,399 feet
  • Coordinates: 37.754837, -81.080658 / (37°45’17.4″N 81°04’50.4″W)
  • Waterway: Little Beaver Creek/Little Beaver Lake
  • Height: Around 20 feet

Located within Little Beaver State Park, the Little Beaver spillway is a beauty of a sight to behold! This is the spillway coming off of Little Beaver Lake that empties into Little Beaver Creek, which traverses north and west into Sand Branch. The spillway nearly always has water flowing, so this is a spectacle you can experience year-round! It is viewable from the park’s parking lot, or you can easily walk right up to it for a closer look!

Again, the spillway is located within Little Beaver State Park at the park’s entrance. The park is located off of Route 307 (Grandview Road) near the small community of Crow in northeastern Raleigh County.

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