Fall Branch Falls


  • Location: Near Hinton, WV (Summers County)
  • Waterway: Fall Branch
Fall Branch #2

There are several waterfalls along Fall Branch in Summers County. Interestingly, none of them really have a name, they are just collectively referred to as Fall Branch. There are even more than the falls that I photographed. I got a nasty blister about 2/3 of the way up and decided to call it a day – I’ll bring a better set of shoes for the next trip! The following is some information about each of these waterfalls. It would be a fun day-long excursion exploring all of Fall Branch and nearby Barren Branch, the latter of which is high on my priority list! According to Randall Sanger and Ed Rehbein’s waterfall book, there are a few more upstream from where I was!

Falling Branch is accessed by on Route 20 and turning onto New River Road within sight of downtown Hinton (on the southern end of the bridge spanning the river on Route 20. Turn right at this spot and continue on New River Road for 6.9 miles. The pull-off for the trail is about two cars wide on the left side of the road, and the trail should be easily viewable. If you drive to Sandstone Falls, you’ve gone too far.

Name of WaterfallCoordinatesDescription
Fall Branch #137.747472, -80.925828A small cascade a few inches high – very charming!
Fall Branch #237.748195, -80.936692One of the tallest falls along Fall Branch, with multiple vantage points!
Fall Branch #337.7482, -80.936845A small fall that flows into a wide opening – this is good for angles!
Fall Branch #437.746883, -80.938775A flowing cascade a few feet tall.
Fall Branch #537.746395, -80.942213A twin set of falls that spans the entire creek, stands a few feet tall each.
Fall Branch #637.746128, -80.943083This fall is a little more sensitive to flow, but falls several feet!
Fall Branch #737.743958, -80.943267A small drop a few feet high.
Fall Branch #837.746812, -80.941125The largest fall, but a large tree was down when I took this in 2019.
Fall Branch #937.744945, -80.943170A beautiful drop that goes into a quite picturesque pool.
Fall Branch #1037.746887, -80.941253A beautiful shallow drop into a shallow pool.

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