Lower Turkey Creek Falls

  • Location: Near Ansted, WV (Fayette County)
  • Elevation: 857 feet
  • Coordinates: 38.121492, -81.129936 / (38°07’17.4″N 81°07’47.8″W)
  • Waterway: Turkey Creek
  • Height: Around 20 feet

Lower Turkey Creek Falls is the easiest waterfall to reach on Turkey Creek, and it is also the tallest! This waterfall stands about around twenty feet just above the New River above the Hawks Nest Dam.

I visited Lower Turkey Creek Falls on a bit of a low-flow day, and yet the waterfall still looked beautiful, with two light streams emptying into a pile of large flat rocks. Unlike the waterfalls on Turkey Creek above it, this waterfall can be accessed very easily and not by using the Cliffside Trail.

To access Lower Turkey Creek Falls, drive on Route 60 to the town of Ansted in Fayette County. When you’re in town, locate a Rite Aid (likely a Walgreens now) and drive into the parking lot. You’ll notice that the parking lot connects to a little road. Take that road, which will lead you to Rich Creek Road. You’ll very briefly be on this road before making a sharp left onto Route 60/2, which is Hawks Nest Road. Take that road, which will put you under Route 60, and it’ll take you to a parking area. At this point, you can either continue driving down Route 60/2 directly to the falls, or you can hike the Ansted Rail Trail. I recommend the Rail Trail, as there are several waterfalls along it! If you hit up the Rail Trail, take your time and enjoy all of the nice creek rapids and falls! This waterfall is located ALL THE WAY at the end of the rail trail past the gift shop. There will be a parking area and a boat launch spot where Mill Creek empties into the New River. Walk to the right of this along the New River a few hundred feet toward the Hawks Nest Dam, and you’ll see the waterfall emerge to your right.

Lower Turkey Creek Falls

This is a very enjoyable spot in general. Take some time and take in the tranquility! There are picnic tables for you to take a break before hiking back up the rail trail.

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