Flatwoods Run Falls


  • Location: Near Rock Cave, WV (Upshur County)
  • Elevation: 1,569 feet
  • Coordinates: 38.820992, -80.338578 / 38°49’15.6″N 80°20’18.9″W)
  • Waterway: Flatwoods Run
  • Height: Around 4 feet

Flatwoods Run is a small waterfall located along Flatwoods Run about halfway down Route 20 and onto a secondary roadway between Rock Cave and Arlington in Upshur County. The waterway is a little sensitive to precipitation given its small size, so I would probably wait to check this waterfall out when it has recently rained. The shots I took were on a lighter flow day. Nonetheless, the waterfall is quite beautiful, and it’s a relaxing spot, with a place to sit down and enjoy the shade off of Route 20 on Route 38 (Salem Ridge – Kanawha Run).

Flatwoods Run is located just off of Route 20 between Rock Cave and Arlington in Upshur County. In between these two small communities, there is Route 38 (called Salem Ridge – Kanawha Run). Take that road and it will be on your right in about 100 feet. You can see Route 20 from the waterfall.

Flatwoods Run Location

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