Albert Falls


  • Location: Near Douglas, WV (Tucker County)
  • Elevation: 2,806 feet
  • Coordinates: 39.128486, -79.520333 / (39° 7′ 42.5496” N, 79° 31′ 13.1988” W)
  • Waterway: North Fork Blackwater River
  • Height: 8 to 10 feet

Albert Falls is the first of series of waterfalls on the North Fork of the Blackwater River in Tucker County. The others are Teresa Falls, Douglas Falls, and Kennedy Falls. Albert and Teresa Falls are the smallest, but there has always been charm with this little waterfall. In my experience, a lot of people head down to Douglas Falls due to its size, and rarely have I ever seen anyone at this waterfall. Nonetheless, it is a beauty, and in times low water in the summertime, the water in this basin will turn bright blue.

To get to Albert Falls, head to the town of Thomas in Tucker County. Turn onto Douglas Road (Route 27) for 1 mile, and then take a slight left onto Rail Falls Road. The waterfall will be on your left in about 0.9 miles. Be cautioned, Rail Falls Road is rough! I ended up parking about where Albert Falls is located and then walking the rest of the way, as there were large ruts in the road when I was there.

Albert Falls Location

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