Lake Stephens Spillway

  • Location: Near Surveyor, WV (Raleigh County)
  • Elevation: 2,011 feet
  • Coordinates: 37.776995, -81.307770 / (37°46’37.2″N 81°18’28.0″W)
  • Waterway: Stephens Branch/Lake Stephens
  • Height: Around 40 feet

The Lake Stephens spillway is a waterway that empties from Lake Stephens into Stephens Branch. Stephens Branch then continues south until it reaches Route 3, where the stream empties in Camp Branch. The spillway is located on the southeastern corner of the lake, and aside from a brief steep scramble down to the base of the spillway, is not difficult to access. The view is quite beautiful from the bottom!

The Lake Stephens spillway is located within Lake Stephens in western Raleigh County near the town of Surveyor. The park is located off of Route 3 between the small communities of Surveyor and Baylor. Once at the park entrance off of Route 3, drive up the park’s main roadway for a quarter to a half mile. As you ascend in elevation, you’ll see the lake begin to come into view and as you come upon it, you’ll turn right on the paved road that takes you to one of the park’s main boat launches. You’ll cross a little bridge in doing so and the spillway is directly below that bridge.

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