Other Falls on Fern Creek

There are nearly a dozen falls on Fern Creek. The most prominent ones have their own web story here on this site. But there are several other worth checking out. Below are some details on each, as well as a gallery showing each!

Name of WaterfallCoordinatesDescription
Upper Fern Creek Falls (#1)38.058289, -81.06205About 50 feet tall, water shoots over crevice.
Fern Creek Falls #238.058419, -81.062430Small fall – a few inches tall
Fern Creek Falls #338.058392, -81.063622Nice waterfall a couple feet high
Fern Creek Falls #438.058472, -81.064208A series of rapids leading to a crevice
Fern Creek Falls #538.058186, -81.064544Waterfall confined mainly to a crevice
Fern Creek Falls #638.057656, -81.065414A flat-topped waterfall with a gentle drop
Middle Fern Creek Falls (#7)38.05748, -81.065903A massive 60 feet tall waterfall!
Flatback Falls (#8)38.057633, -81.066581A large vertical waterfall that looks like a curtain!
Fern Creek Falls #938.057667, -81.06662A series of cris-crossing cascades
Lower Fern Creek Falls (#10)38.057658, -81.067925A monsterous 45 feet tall waterfall – the last big drop!
The Final Plunge (#11)38.057555, -81.068397The final plunge before dropping into the New River

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